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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Godz R Silly: Reactions to my Guardian column*

Dear TQ:

The reality is religion has had a stranglehold on the collective unconscious of humanity for far too long. This recent surge of atheism is not only welcome but overdue. But with that rise we have to deal with people like you, muttering that we should respect those beliefs and I say no. Gods are silly things and they should be called out as such. Religions are stuffed to their collective gills with much that is, as Douglas Adams once said; apocryphal if not wildly inaccurate. Why should that be axiomatically respected?

- Guardian Reader

* Sorry about the delay on this one! I had every intention of publishing it on arrival. It's one of my favorites.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008
A DearTQ from Jeff B, Guardian Reader

Dear TQ,

In ways, I thought of The Wolf in the Fable when reading James Frey's Morning After in Vanity Fair by Evgenia Peretz.

One bit I found interesting was Norman Mailer commenting to Frey:

They sat down on the couch and talked about memoirs, a genre, Mailer said, that was by definition corrupt: "That's why a writer writes his memoir, to tell a lie and create an ideal self. Everything I've ever written is memoir, you know, is an inflated vision of the ideal Platonic self."

Follow the money or follow the ego seems to be what's behind many memoirs.



Monday, August 18, 2008
A DearTQ from Delhi

Dear TQ,

The Mail Today piece sorta made my day. I'm a Yank who first came here in the Peace
Corps in 1965 and it changed my life. Was able to shift here starting in '87. One of my
smarter moves. I too have led a varied life and since part of you's from here, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

- Buzz
New Delhi


Sunday, June 29, 2008
A Dear TQ from Nancy Chan Herself

Dear TQ,

... evidently I have missed out a BIG chunk of the goings on of Nancy Chan. I can remember clearly the day I stumbled upon Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, three years ago. It was during a routine boring work lunch, I had decided to hit the shops. I walked past all these books and none stood out as much as this novel.

When I had read the blurb on the back of the book I had to buy it straight away. Three years later in the same shop, I casually walked past the books section and here it was -- the third of the Nancy Chan novels screaming out at me. I had no idea there was #2 or #3! I can't wait to start immersing myself back into another world of Nancy Chan.

I say "another world" because my name is Nancy Chan.

No middle name, no marriage name. When I read the first book I had to read it again a second time. Sometimes I think the similarities are too real, my friends would say you could be writing about my crazy crazy life.

I just have one question that has been plaguing me for three years now:
Why did you choose the name Nancy Chan?

Best wishes and warm regards,

Nancy Chan
(coincidentally getting married in August)

Dear Nancy,

Wow. I decided to keep your city a mystery, just to be safe. A girl can never be too careful. It is, of course, a lovely name. I've always been fond of it. I have a favorite relative whose name is Nancy, but there may be other reasons for choosing this name. And then again - do we really choose the names of our characters? There is something in the creative process that is confounding and dreamlike.



Saturday, May 17, 2008
In My Mailbox: a dearTQ re "What is up with the jetsetter?"

Dear TQ,

I knew you had been tied up with the next project so I was patient. Now your third novel is out. Only in UK, though? No info has been up so far in US, or am I the only one missing it? You owe me an explanation.

- Another Jetsetter

Dear Jetsetter,

My third book will be out in just a few weeks, and yes, it will be published in the UK first. Expect some news soon about the US.

Not into being tied up, by the way... but thanks for being patient, girlfriend.

- TQ


Friday, May 09, 2008
In My Mailbox Today: a dearTQ from Paul


I hope you will consider not giving up on your blog. I check it fairly regularly, and if I don't check it for a while it just means things have gone insane at work. (Which they have been lately, which is why I didn't see your plan to give it up until now.)

Anyway, I hope you'll consider keeping it running. I mean, I've needed some consolation after the denouement of the Palfrey affair (it made me really depressed seeing it on the news when it happened), so it was nice to read something by you on the subject. (Although I regularly search for your articles online, I don't always find them.) Vive La Tracy Quan's Blog!

- Paul

Dear Paul,

This is fairly convincing. Except... I did not blog from July until May! Work must have been insane, but sometimes insane is good. Especially at work. But okay, I'll try this for awhile and see how it feels. Thanks for checking in.

I didn't know DJP -- didn't realize until today that she was called Jeane, rather than Deborah, by most of her friends. (Alex Jones called her Jeane. I noticed, but it took awhile for it all to sink in.) Anyway, I didn't know her but her death has caused an emotional ripple, and I guess we're part of that.

This weekend, I have a piece going up at Guardian America -- a sacrilegious take on Mothers' Day, motherhood and the myth of the "wanted" child.

- TQ


Tuesday, May 09, 2006
In My Mailbox Today: A Letter About "V"

I have to check this out for myself but here are excerpts from an email addressed to Dear TQ:

Hi Tracy,

Just wanted to send you a quick note on "V for Vendetta"... I won't judge the movie, because I haven't seen it. However, there is one aspect of the comic book that I think they changed for the movie. In the comic book, Evey is a prostitute. In fact, she gets assaulted by the Vice Squad ...on her first attempt to make money on the street (which is when she is rescued by V).

(Here's an article about some of the differences between the film and the book.)

I think it's interesting (disturbing, actually) that they felt they had to change this for the film.

I still plan on seeing "V for Vendetta" on DVD. I suggest you check out the book, if you get the chance.

England Prevails,