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Friday, March 26, 2010
BBC Woman's Hour: On the new laws affecting the sex indy

Thursday,25 March 2010

From the BBC:
Changes in the law will affect prostitution and the licensing of lap dancing clubs in England and Wales. Cari Mitchell from the English Collective of Prostitutes and Anna Van Heeswijk from Object debate the impact of the legislation... Listen here

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010
Today Is International Sex Worker Rights Day!

Today, Boston salutes its "escorts and prostitutes." Audacia just said that's not inclusive enough. Still, it's great to have a SWOP chapter in Boston. You can visit their new blog here.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Le Racolage Passif (Passive Solicitation)

is a crime in France, since 2003. Les-Putes Paris have asked sex workers (and our friends) to sign this petition. You can read about the law here.

Prostitutes began protesting against this law during its earliest phases. Read about some of the history here.

Today, the petition has almost 300 signatures. Take a look, add your voice, take a stand against "la putophobie"! You can also subscribe to the mailing list of Les-Putes:

This law is but one example of Sarkozy's "distorted vision," symptomatic of something larger. He is trying to push a center-right party farther to the right, and people have been comparing him to Napoleon. He recently won an election to lead his party in the next election. Nobody opposed him, which on the face of it suggests popularity. But only 69% of the party voted! (How typical this is for a party election, I don't know.) His anti-immigration stuff is fascinating: he's the son of an immigrant. Why doesn't this surprise me...

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Thursday, April 06, 2006
After the Conference

Thank you for coming to the Sex Work Matters Soiree at the LGBT Center last week! You know who you are...

I am still recovering from the conversational and other excesses of that week. It was great fun to meet people who have become friends via email. This always happens to me at conferences and I always forget that I've never really met these people. Spend ten years on a list with someone, and the difference between virtual and flesh seems quite irrelevant.

At the Soiree, I was interviewed by Gerry Visco whose gossipy New York Press report has me wondering what "not exactly unfamiliar" with the sex biz really means. "Intent on capturing the right angle during the photo op"? Guilty as pegged! Well, she was trying to convince me that my right side's better -- I don't think so. But the photo didn't appear, so never mind.

Later, Scarlot Harlot received an Aphrodite Award during a ceremony involving Mortar Board Pasties (reflecting the room's academic vibe.) Later still, I shared excellent pizza from Lil Frankie's with Andy, manager of a sex worker advocacy list-serve. His pathologically boyish smile was a bright spot throughout the conference. Another bright spot: martinis with Robyn & Co. at Botanica where Robyn was especially tickled by Fine Wine's obscure R&B selections. I made it to the CUNY Graduate Center next day and enjoyed the "Identity & Intimacy" panel.

Now this was my kind of panel: boyfriends under the sociological microscope!

A very "Allison" experience was listening to Professor Mindy talking about why strippers have such low-quality boyfriends. (L-Q: Mindy's term, not mine. I avoid such harshness as, I think, would our friend Allison.) Mindy assured us that "low-quality" was not a judgement on these guys but an objective assessment. In any case, many are quite unappreciative of their mates, so the L-Q label is not entirely unjustified. However, the boyfriend who DOES appreciate his stripper mate runs the risk of being viewed as less-than-a-catch because it's possible he might work in the clubs as a bouncer, DJ ...or fellow dancer. And men in those jobs often earn less than their dancer girlfriends.

Mindy had a lot to say about the stigma strippers deal with, but I left that discussion feeling sympathetic toward the boyfriends in her study. And wondering: do prostitutes find it easier than dancers to lie about their work to their husbands and boyfriends? Are the men in their lives happier as a result? I would love to see a sociologist's take on that question.

A big thank you to Rachel from Bluestockings for bringing my books to the Soiree!Please get in touch with me if you're reading this!

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